Brian Hatcher


Brian Hatcher

My dad bought me an alto sax when I was around 12 years old, after hearing a record of Duke Ellington, featuring Johnny Hodges.

I taught myself for a while until I found an RAF Band Serjeant(Ray Sayer) who was prepared to undo all the wrong things I had taught myself.

When I was 19 I joined the Medway Dance Orchestra, run by Wally Scott. At 25 I got married and packed up playing as family life took precedence.

Fifteen years passed and an old friend, Ron Brown, asked me to play a gig for him as he was short of a second alto sax. I did the gig and was 'hooked' again, so I enrolled at Goldsmiths College and studied there for three years.

Since then I have played in numerous big bands, such as Jon Hamilton Band, Clef Hangers, Don Barcott, Peninsula Big Band, Roger Luxton and of course - Medway Big Band.